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Finding Motor Home Rentals 

Most motor home rentals in the U.S. and Canada can be arranged through various rental companies or dealerships for motor homes. In most cases, the most convenient Canadian and U.S. location can be found through Internet searches in the particular city a tourist will be visiting. Airports rental car agencies don't carry motor home rentals in their available fleet stock, but special arrangements can be made with enough advance notice and fees paid.

Arrangement of a motorhome hire overseas is probably best trusted to a good travel agent experienced in handling campers and motor homes on trips. Whether the trip be in Australia or South America, agents can take advantage of known networks to cobble together customized travel camper rentals and related itineraries. This can be particularly helpful when combining flights, motor homes, other transportation, and a schedule in Europe or in South America, especially in countries with different languages. However, camper and motor home rentals can be done cheapest when you search our worldwide booking system. We offer the motorhomes in 27 countries and in more than 240 rental station around the globe.

Parking and Lodging

Like the U.S., travelers moving around a country in a motor home rental can't just park the vehicle anywhere. When using camper rentals or similar overnight, many towns and cities have local rules requiring motorhome vehicles to be parked in specific locations designated for camping. Not obeying these rules is a fast way to get a ticket or local citation, and most places require payment immediately from tourists before they leave town.

Further, in some locations, such as the United Kingdom, campers and motor homes are viewed around the country with a bit of a jaded eye. Many events with young people occur in the U.K. annually, drawing hundreds of campers from all around and causing quite a bit of work and fuss in nearby towns, especially with the camper rentals parking in every available field or open ground. As a result, it's quite common for campers to get a bit of cold shoulder when thinking about parking in-town rather than in designated areas.

In South America, on the other hand, finding a place to park is not the problem, its instead maintaining security. In many areas, if the motorhome hire is not bolted down or locked securely, property inside gets stolen. In some cases the whole vehicle can disappear. Tourists are advised not to leave anything of value in a vehicle that can't be replaced. Rental vehicle insurance is also highly advised.

Maintenance and Repair

When traveling on a camper trip in the U.S. or a foreign country, it's a real good idea to have a breakdown or emergency service squared away for a motorhome hire. While many motor homes tend to operate fine, some break down due to age or mechanical failure mid trip. Trying to figure out how to get a motor home rental towed to the appropriate mechanic can be significant challenge, especially in less developed countries or in rural locations. Travelers can have better peace of mind and enjoy the trip more knowing the rental company will just take care of broken motorhome hire without argument.

Driving Requirements

Traveling anywhere outside one's home country requires a national driver's license and an international driver's license before getting on public roads. Typically, having one's own valid driver's license from a home state or province is sufficient enough proof to be eligible for an international license. Many automobile and travel agencies handle the paperwork ahead of time at home so a traveler doesn't need to make arrangements in each country upon arrival. That said, having a driver's license and understanding how to drive a motorhome in a foreign country are two different things.

Travelers should research and study ahead of time the destination country's road rules before starting off in a motorhome. There are significant differences between road and highways rules in United Kingdom, the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. In some cases, traffic is completely traveling in the opposite direction in the opposite lane.

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